And away we go! I enjoy blogging so I started over on a new site

I’ve had web sites for a long time. This week I started the WordPress Blogging 101 online course . I found I really enjoyed blogging. At night I often waking up thinking about what I could blog about. So I choose to bite the bullet and start a this real blogging web site

Right now I want to learn more about blogging. The 28th of this month is my ten year rez date in the virtual world Second Life. For those of you that don’t know that is a long time in a virtual world.  Over the years I’ve tried dozens of virtual worlds so I am experienced with what is in the metaverse.

I’m not a tech junky who enjoys just playing with what is new and amazing for its own sake. So on my metaverse ratings you won’t see a high rating if a virtual world is just technically amazing. If it not fairly easy to use that is a negative.

A year from now I will have enough viewers that I plan sell advertisements in Second Life  so I can support my virtual world habit. Not a large financial goal but one that is fun.

You may wonder about the whooshing in the site title. I have been a resident of the virtual world Second Life for years and that is the sound you make when you teleport from one area to another. I’ve head it thousands of times. I think SL users will get it.

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