Vacation from Second Life

July 11, 2015

My wonderful friends in SL and Blogging 101,

This morning I was IMing a friend of mine in Second Life and she told me I probably wouldn’t see her much since she was taking a break from SL. She told me all the men she met in SL were sob’s of one form or another. She only had a few friends that were still around.  So she’d be gone from Second Life for a while. That when she was in world it would only be for a short while.

I know how she feels. I took a three year vacation like that myself. Unfortunately my “vacation” covered the period when mesh came in. When I did come back I had to learn to get dress again. I’m still not comfortable with mesh.

Mesh Willow
Mesh Willow

When I did get back I found a lot of things had changed and mostly for the better.

In the early days half the male avatars you saw were teenaged boys who though the whole purpose of SL was them to score and the more women the higher their score.  It got so I just ignored male avatars. Because I knew within three sentences there would be some form of lets go to my place and have sex.

It got so all I’d do was hang out with my female friends and go dancing sometimes.


I sold the land I owned and drifted away from SL for three years. When I came back into SL things were very different. It wasn’t just the builds, the clothes, and even the things to do that were different and better. Socially I found a man to love and who loves me.  It may sound old fashioned but was romantic because he courted me. It’s not one of those relationship that exists for a few weeks or even a couple of months. We just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. We are still as much in love as the day we got married.

I hope my friend finds something similar when she come back into Second Life.

Love and Hugs, Willow

PS In case you were wondering about the “Whooshing” in this blog title. As SL people know that is the sound you make when you teleport from one place to another.

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