Let the giving begin

RFL BannerToday (Saturday July 18, 2015) is the Start of the big fund raising weekend for RFS SL. Full of fun activities and solemn remembrances as well as fund raising.

On a personal note. It is a weekend for both joys and tears for me. I lost my mother to breast cancer. I hope this helps keep others from having to endure the pain of losing a loved one.

A quick aside. Some people reading this blog are not familiar with virtual worlds and will say, “How much money can a bunch of avatars in a virtual world raise?” In 2014 the Relay For Life of Second Life raised over four hundred thousand US dollars for the American Cancer Society. That is money you can put in the bank not virtual currency. BTW The American Cancer Society is now world wide not just the US.

I will update this blog through out the weekend. Pictures from before things begin.

Overall RFL Empty

RFL of SL 2015

RFL of SL 2015_002

I didn’t have early access to the site so I got these images of before things begin from Daniel Voyager’s Blog. During my updates I’ll have pictures I made.

Things get started at 10 am Pacific time in the US.

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