Revisiting inworldz and Kitely (7/25/15)

I hadn’t visited these worlds since March. The coming expansion of Second Life into Sansar and all the emphasis on Virtual Reality hardware and talk of needing an advanced computer is making me nervous so I thought I should look closer at these worlds. My plan was to visit inworldz today and Kitely Sunday.

I know people who should know say SL will continue. But I’ve been around the computer industry long enough to know that statements like that may or may not be true. So I needed to at least look at alternatives.

But my plan hit some snags. When I tried to get some walking around money in inworldz I got an error message saying there was a problem and linked me to a Second Life grid status web site. Hmmmm!

I have some friends from SL that are also in inworldz. Maybe they can tell me what is going on. While I waited I took some pictures. Using the Firestorm viewer even modifying the windlight setting is the same.


But several hours passed and I didn’t see my friends. Then I remembered the Kitely market place says it will allow purchase of things for other virtual worlds. Maybe I can buy something there and have it sent to my inworldz avatar. So arises snag number two which really muddies the waters.

When I tried to buy some Kitely currency again the same error message of there was a problem pops up and sends my web browser to the same Second Life status page. Double Hmmmmm!

I did take some pictures in Kitely and again the firestorm viewer worked the same.

Falling Waters-Kitely



{ End }

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