Microsoft blows it with Edge

I was really looking forward to using Microsoft’s new Edge web browser until I started to actually use it. If you have been browsing the internet for more than three months web browsing becomes a very personal activity so you are going to customize your web browser to fit your style.

The Internet Options menu selection becomes your best friend. But guess what Edge does not have one. Microsoft hid a few Internet options in obscure places in Edge and left others out.

I want to open a new link I find on a web page in a new tab and that the new page gets the focus. Then I can see if it is really what I want quickly Then press a hot key if it isn’t. With Edge  you can right click on a link to have it open in a new tab then you have to move your pointer up to the tab it opened in and click on it. That won’t take long unless you view several hundred web pages in a couple of hours then the time adds up. If you have physical problems moving a mouse precisely around that gets very tedious.

That is such a basic customizing function I couldn’t believe “Internet Options” wasn’t in Edge. Even Microsoft’s old Internet Explorer had it. Now I’m wondering what other important features like security features Microsoft left out of Edge.

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