Kitely in depth

Today I started my serious evaluation of the Kitely virtual world. Or as its called in part of the Kitey collection of worlds.

I’ve spent so long in Second Life the change it naming is hard for me to get used it. The land I created is only one region or SL sim but it is Willow’s Nature Retreat and known as a Kitely world.

URL: hop://
URL: hop://

Except for some basic buildings that were optional I haven’t done anything yet.

What is not going to be hard to get used to is the cost! Total cost is $14.95 per month for the equivalent of one Second Life sim. In SL the cost would be approximately thirteen times that per month. One reason Kitely is cheaper because if no one is in my world then it is kept in computer storage. In Second Life the sim is always on and loaded. One of the things I want to check on is if that is or is not a problem.

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