Not quite as a ready as a replacement for Second Life part #2 8/13/15

Kitely Profile #5Continued from 8/12/15

I am concerned with the possible future direction of virtual worlds. With the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room and its possible future combined with the direction of project Sansar I worry. So I’m looking for a replacement for Second Life.

Of the virtual worlds out there what I call the chat worlds were out. Essentially all they are is a dancing chat board and I want more than that. What are left are inworldz, Philip Rosedale’s High Fidelity, and Kitely.

Yesterday I wrote why I thought inworldz will not work. (Not quite as a ready as a replacement for Second Life part #1 8/12/15) Today I’ll look at High Fidelity and Kitely.

Technically High Fidelity is impressive. Plus it has Philip Rosedale the original creator of Second Life behind it and he knows about developing virtual worlds. In my opinion it is still too much on the bleeding edge of virtual reality creation. BUT because of Philip Rosedale’s involvement it is a good future bet and I will keep an eye on its development. Right now High Fidelity is still too raw for an SL replacement right now.

I really had high hopes for Kitely and I do feel it has the potential to be a replacement for Second Life but not it is not ready today. I am spending more and more time in Kitely and really enjoy it. My SL husband is in the process of moving from Second Life to Kitely.

Right now Kitely’s lack of residents is the same weakness as inworldz. But unlike inworldz it has a market that has a lot of potential since it is designed to sell to customers of other open worlds. And unlike SL there is a respect for the rights of creative people that design things. In fact it inspired me to learn the Blender software so I can design mesh items.

Right now I personally won’t completely leave Second Life but I will be spending more and more time in Kitely.

Falling Waters-KitelyFalling Waters in Kitely

One thought on “Not quite as a ready as a replacement for Second Life part #2 8/13/15”

  1. Thank you Talla! I’m happy with my choice to move to Kitely. I have too many obligations in SL for it to be a complete move right away. But I won’t be scrambling to find a new place to live on the web. IMO SL will go away in five years so I want to be ready and I think Kitely is a good place to go both for Kitely Market and its links into the hypergrid.
    I have been around SL for over a decade so I’ve seen a lot of the things LL has done. I’ve always put up with them in the past but this time the possible directions of project Sansar and LL’s TOS is just too much to put up with. Plus from what I can tell it’s going to be very expensive and limiting to live in Sansar. –Willow
    Ps. I’ve applied to join the Opensim community on G+.


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