Sometime I just want to play with some action 9/5/15

Usually I live in a non-goal virtual world like Kitely or Second Life. But there are times like this last week when I want some action and to kick some virtual buttock. So I play World of Warcraft (WOW).

Thumbnail AquaCaine v3Because of real life commitments all I could do was level my main character to 100 since the Dranor expansion was introduced. When patch 6.2 came out I thought I would have most of the quest related achievements so I could shortly get the ability to fly quickly. I generally do all the quest chains in a region.

So I was really surprised when I found out I had missed doing the Gloomshade Grove story line of the “As I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow…” achievement. Where did the quest chain start? I looked for an exclamation sign on the region map. I even traveled around the region watching on my mini-map. But no joy!

So I decided to work on my garrison which I had not done either. That also solved the achievement problem. The Groomshade Grove story line actually starts in your garrison with a quest to find missing loggers. So now there is joy!

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