Suffer the little children

Assignment #3 in the Blogging 101 course I’m taking is “Today’s assignment: follow five new tags in the Reader and five new blogs”. I did that and what I found was disturbing. I went beyond just looking and had to respond to something I found on an Atheist blog. Maybe this blog will take a new direction?? Here is what I wrote.

When I see statements like your “But I respect people’s choice of faith, and as long as nothing bad comes out of religion I’m totally fine with it…” I shudder. Not because I disagree with your sentiment if man’s religions were reasonable but because something bad is going to come out of those religions as long as young children are indoctrinated in those religions and that is what those religions demand. The Jesuit boast, ‘Give me the child for his first seven years, and I’ll give you the man,’ is no less accurate (or sinister) for being hackneyed.’

I had a very unusual father who actively protected me from religious indoctrination until I could think for myself. When at the age of nine I was forced by relatives to go to a vacation bible school session and what I call my BS alarm went off for the first time. (In case you are unfamiliar with vacation bible school is when US school children continue their religious indoctrination during summer school vacations.) I began to ask uncomfortable questions of the preacher while the other kids all Ohed and Ahaaaed . I think you can guess there was a phone call and I never had to go to vacation bible school again.

So for fifty eight years I have been somewhere along the secular, agnostic, atheist spectrum. But I have also watched the US population descend into ignorance of believing things like the earth is less 10,000 years old, the Israeli Palestinian conflict, IS beheadings, suicide bombers, etc. etc. The result of the indoctrination of young children that is inherently dangerous. Isn’t it time for a more activist and militant confrontation with man’s religious communities?

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