Secularism- My History

Unlike many people I didn’t have to recover from the myths and indoctrination of religion. My father protected me from religious indoctrination until I was old enough to think for myself. I think he knew I didn’t need religious protection any more when at the age of nine I got kicked out of Vacation Bible School for asking such an inconvenient question as “Why? or saying things like “That doesn’t make sense.”

That isn’t to say my investigations of mankind’s religions ceased at age nine. Over time I even looked into the non Abrahamic religions. But there was never a reasonable response a question like why or comments like “That doesn’t make sense.” The answer was usually something like you have to have faith. Duh!

This may sound a bit strange but I do have what is a “religious faith”. It can be summed up in the statement

Life is too beautiful to be explained by the myths created by mankind.

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