New things

Yesterday seemed to be the day for getting new things. My new power wheelchair arrived. I’ve used a power chair twenty three years but my old one was eighteen years old and the tires and batteries needed replacing. So I decided it was just too old and worn out to justify putting several hundred more dollars into it. Plus I didn’t trust it anymore. I sure don’t need to be several blocks from home and have it quit.

So this morning I got to take Boogie for a long walk.

I learned two unfortunate things. One it’s a lot different driving a front wheeled drive chair. I’m used to having the drive wheels slightly behind me. Now I forget there are other wheels trailing me. So I go along and hear the sound of this table behind me is falling over.

Two is I decided to test the new chair on my emergency way to get out of the house. What is sad is I have to go across the front yard and it rained a couple of days ago. So when I got back in the house I was leaving a trail of mud balls when the dirt fell out of the treads. So now my Roomba is going around sweeping them up.

It seems yesterday was the day for new things. I got this sailing cruiser boat in Second Life.

I haven’t had time to personalize it yet. I’ll get to it in a couple of days. Today I have to condition the batteries in my new power chair and that involves using them a lot so my computer time will limited.

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