An attempt to con someone

Earlier today I became aware of this statement by Ben Carson: ‘It Takes a Lot More Faith to Believe in Evolution’ Than ‘To Believe in God.’ For those readers who don’t know its Dr. Ben Carson, a pediatric neurosurgeon, a member of the distinguished National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine, and the author of six bestselling books.

Why would an educated man make such a ludicrous statement? There is a very big difference between a religion system of thought and evolution.

Belief in a God does require faith to believe in something for which evidence does not exist. On the other hand several hundred thousand pieces of EVIDENCE gathered over a hundred and fifty years shows that evolution does explain the process of life.

So why would an educated man choose to ignore EVIDENCE. I think the reason is in the fact he is also running for the Republican presidential nomination. While he won’t admit it publicly by making statements like this he can con enough gullible people so he can become a power in the party of billionaires and those they have coned.

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