Self-Promotion 1/29/16

Promotion of my work has been a constant struggle for me since I was forced to retire because of physical injury fifteen years ago. In my previous career I didn’t need to worry about promoting myself since my skill with computer software was well known where I worked so people came to me without my even trying.

When that I started a new career in creative graphics arts the self-promotion has become very important. But it is also something I am not good at and don’t enjoy doing. The technical details of producing an image or even a video is fairly easy for me but how to get my work out so the public will see what I have done is difficult.

I keep looking for the technical silver bullet but I’ve learned there isn’t one. Basically self-promotion is just doing the hard work of putting your work out where people can see it along with finding ways to advertise the things you do so people will find your work.

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