The Naturalistic Pagan Toolbox: Beyond the Wheel of the Year

Humanistic Paganism

We Naturalistic Pagans tend to be very “heady” folks.  We talk a lot about ideas, and even when we talk about practice, we sometimes shy away from the subjective side of things.

In addition, when it comes to our practice, many Naturalistic Pagans tend to be more on the minimalist side of things.  (Check out, for example, Brendan Myers’ description of his “Minimalist Religion”.)  This may be due in part to a general suspicion of religious ritual among humanists.

And there’s nothing wrong with a minimalist practice, if you find it satisfying.  But sometimes we want or need more.  Sometimes, we need the evocative power that comes with the “trappings” of religion, the symbols and poetry and paraphernalia, the “smells and bells” as high churchers say — but still without the superstition.  This can be challenging for Naturalistic Pagans who, even more than other Pagans, are making it…

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