Finally bit the bullet

After several months of indecision I finally bought some land.  Not in Second Life but in InWorldz.

New House v2
Is this our new house?

Personally I’m very doubtful about the future of Second Life (SL) on into 2017.  I know that Ebbe and others at Linden Lab say SL will continue even if the new Project Sansar fails but I am very doubtful that is true. To me the way Ebbe’s comments about how incomplete Sansar will be when it debuts at the end of 2016 sounds like lowering expectations for a failing project. Combine that with the glacial pace of incorporating current SL users in the beta I am very worried. I spent almost a quarter of a century auditing US government projects I have seen the signs of failure very often and I am not happy.

Unfortunately I also see Linden Lab sending good money and resources after bad in an attempt to rectify Sansar’s failure. Sadly this will be at the expense of SL.

Of course I could be wrong but the evidence pointing to the failure of Sansar is too strong. Some people say we should wait and see how Sansar does in 2017 but alarm bells are ringing loudly in my gut telling me to get away from SL.  I am so confident that I used my limited financial resources to buy four Sims in InWorldz and not SL.

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