I guess I still got it!

Foggy Swamp, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Foggy%20Swamp/125/63/23
Foggy Beach

After I retired from my income earning career I began indulging my lifelong passion for photography even though I was in the physical you see in the picture on the left. My real life photography work won some awards, was published, and I even had a magazine cover. So I was happy! I had the ability to make photographs that people thought were good and some would even pay for.

My image is at the house in Cushing Maine where the artist Andrew Wyeth painted “Christina’s World” in 1948. My image is a preliminary image that is part of a study of an updated version I had planned to make.

I have always identified with Christina even though thanks to modern technology my world is broader than Christina’s. I don’t live in Maine but my image was made there. At the time I could still travel so I make a trip there to attend a photography workshop.



    Christina’s World-by Andrew Wyeth 1948

Sadly my physical condition deteriorated further so now I can hardly venture out of my house. Eventually I decided to make images in the virtual world of Second Life. But I never made images that people seemed to think were  good. I thought I must have lost it (Whatever it is.)

Foggy Swamp, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Foggy%20Swamp/125/63/23
Foggy Beach

Thursday morning I got a very pleasant surprise and justification. After years of trying my photograph “Foggy Beach” won the Kultivate Magazine Image of the day. I guess I still got it!

The arrival of a new Linden Project area in Second Life — Daniel Voyager’s Blog

Could this area be an area that is planned as a future transition area between Second Life and Sansar? Yes I know this is pure speculation. But think about it.

In my opinion one of the big problems from Sansar’s beginning was how Sansar ignored and was even hostile to the Second Life user base. Now after 2 years and the niche within a niche market for VR hardware that makes even less sense.

In late September 2016 Linden Lab added a series of new Linden Project regions (over 40+) far north of the mainland in Second Life. These regions (named HR/HC/HIH) are currently closed to the public but they are mainly rated Adult which is rather interesting. It’s unclear at the moment what the regions will be used […]

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