Tired of phone company delays and constant problems

I got the usual run around when I called my phone company back about my Internet being down. Now they are saying their tech will not be here for at least a week. This is the second time this problem has occurred in less than three weeks. I am discussed! So I ordered a 75M line from my cable company.

It a bit expensive but I’m tired of this run around and trying to get the phone company to do something in a timely matter. I hope the service will be better!

Why I was gone 

Sunday December 4th 2016 was the start of a bad early Christmas present. I could not get my breath so a friend and neighbor who is also a nurse came down. When he heard the way I was trying to get my breath the immediate response was get thee to


Not the start of a good week! Sadly I found out that sometime before I had had a heart attack and didn’t know it.  My damaged heart couldn’t oxygenate my blood that why I was having so much trouble breathing.

I’d had trouble breathing for several days but wishful thinking had me believing it was bad air from the forest fires in the area.  When it started raining washing the smoke out of the air but my breathing got worse I knew there was more to it than that. Hence my cell phone call to my neighbor that consisted of the one word “HELP”. I was out walking my dog on the back deck and was so weak I could barely get back in the house.

I’m home after a week stay with a basket of pills and strict instructions to follow up with a cardiologist. What will this mean to my virtual life in Second Life? I really don’t know! I’ve been home less than 24 hours all I know is there are going to be some big life style changes.

To make matters worse my main Internet connection is down again. I’m using my backup internet connection. I got a voice mail from my ISP. But guess what I didn’t answer it yet. I wonder why?