Real Magic

This is how I’ve done magik for years. I prefer this spelling for “magic” so the idea won’t be confused with actions of some mystical power outside of myself.

I confuse my more mystical pagan friends because I read tarot but only for myself as an aid in my own meditations. I’m comfortable with the cards from years of experience with them. I’ve even setup a Tarot reading place in a virtual world called Second Life. I try to go once a day and read for myself. It gives me a place to go and look inside myself. As well as having a place to go to have some me time away from the frantic activity of the real world.


Reality. It’s filled with marvels!

It is not, however, filled with every marvel we can imagine. There are no dragons, nor unicorns. There are no pixies or fairies. And there is no “magic” in the sense of spellcasting, “charging” items with “power” or “energy”, hexes, curses, or otherwise affecting the course of events without material cause.

Just as there are no gods, there is no magic. If we soberly consider the evidence, the conclusion is inevitable.

Except…well, wait a minute.

When a ritual adds to your confidence and performance in a job interview, is that magic? When a ceremony breaks open longheld rage and transmutes it to grief and healing? What about when a wedding binds two people to one another before their communities and loved ones?

Are not these things “magical”, in the sense that they surprise and delight us with effects psychological and meaningful?

Well, certainly they are.

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