Couldn’t pull the plug

Not pull the plugA good Second Life (SL) friend of mine for over a decade suddenly disappeared a few weeks ago. She was the next to last person I helped get started in SL in 2005. I ask a mutual friend and she did what I almost did a year ago.

RL was getting busy so I was going to quit SL. After we got rid of all our land we were going to quit SL. So we got rid of our land but then it dawned on us. It was worth $75 a year just to keep our identity, friends, and inventory! We couldn’t pull the plug.

Over the years I’ve made too many good friends and had fun. I’ll probably be in SL till they turn the lights off.

2 thoughts on “Couldn’t pull the plug

  1. When I get tired, I leave for awhile, then I come back. It’s kind of wild how things change in just a small time period and it makes things interesting. It is sad though, to see people you get close to leave.


    1. A few years ago I took a “vacation” from SL. where I just logon every few months just for a few minutes. When I did come back things were so different I had to learn how to get dressed again. I spent the first few days just exploring and seeing what was new. What was sad was realizing how many friends had just disappeared.

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