Opps forgot mention Kitely and Inworldz

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I forgot to add Willow is also in the virtual worlds of Kitely and Inworldz. I’m not in those worlds as much as Second Life.


Kitely Home

While Kitely is technically interesting and may be the future of virtual worlds it is a little too “geeky” for me. I spent a couple of decades working professionally with computer systems and I don’t want to spend my time trying to figure out how something technically works. I’m also not fond of the its every sim is its own world data setup that is only loaded when someone accesses it.

The Inworldz world is almost the same as Second Life but without the exorbitant land prices.


Inworldz Home


Inworldz Home Interior

In my opinion Kitely and Inworldz are hindered by not having enough population. Since I’m in virtual for social reasons so that is a problem.

Since Sansar may eventually supplant Second Life; I know LL says it won’t but with the haphazard way they do thing who really knows. So, it may be a good idea to keep your options open if it doesn’t cost too much.

8 Replies to “Opps forgot mention Kitely and Inworldz”

  1. interesting Willow, as I only have time for one virtual world it seems! – I’m not the most organized person so time can easily get away on me. I’m not very social in the virtual world though I do have a few friends. I love a project and my last was a collaboration on Niamh’s Journey sim (based on one of my tales) and I sometimes have an art/photo exhibit at different places, or I’m at a Seanchai library reading. Did you say you have an other blog you are restarting? I have a virtual blog too though I don’t post as frequently there. If you have time check out the sim ( if you haven’t). https://desertdreams1001blog.wordpress.com/2017/05/19/story-tours-in-voice/ ( a little shameless promotion!) Thank you so much for your follow!

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    1. Because my father was career Army I grew up organized. It is a good thing I have that history because it really came in handy after I was sick and injured. When it takes you longer to do something it is big benefit because sometimes I can’t go back and do something easily, I”m a dedicated list maker.

      BTW I don’t do voice, One of the things that was damaged was my ability to speak. I can hear fine but my voice is very slow and almost unintelligible. So I never bothered to even get a microphone for my computer.

      I guess I wasn’t clear. I don’t have another blog I’m restarting I’m trying to restart this one. I first posted to it in 2015 as a comparison of various virtual worlds. I let it languish after I found out that Second Life was the only virtual world that came close to being good for my needs.

      What is different is I have a new passion in my life and that is cooking. Not exactly new but one that was limited to watching the food channel on TV. I didn’t think I could physically cook but I can! What surprised me is I’m good and enjoy it. So I’m trying to work cooking into this almost dead blog.

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