Becoming a Newbie AGAIN ☹ Part 2

Willow Dion July 2005
SL July 2005
Sansar Aug 2017

One thing that was hyped was how much better the avatars looked in Sansar. That is a lot of change but is this enough change for twelve years? (My twelfth rez day in SL was last Friday.)






Now this is my SL husband and I were in March 2017.

Willow and Partner for blog

I wouldn’t expect Sansar to be this good right now but guys come closer after over three years of work.

Sansar2 lowrez

I really did sort of feel like a newbie again. Weird thing appeared. I hope LL learned their lesson. I lived through the attack of the giant flying penises and I don’t want to go through that again. I had to learn how to walk and get around again. The big difference was twelve years ago I happily spent hours of enjoyment learning in SL but a couple of hours in Sansar and it was oh hum zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I feel like Sansar is primitive alpha software rushed out the door to open beta because the investors are putting pressure on because of too many missed deadlines.


7 thoughts on “Becoming a Newbie AGAIN ☹ Part 2

    1. I wish I could too but I’m not connected with the 3D users.I’m not even sure who makes up 3D users. LL keeps saying Sansar is not aimed at SL users but from what I can tell most if not all the people in the open beta are SL people.Maybe some of the Sansar creators are bring in other people. I was surprised at how large and unorganized the Atlas is.


    1. What people forget. They could and should have done better considerling LL had three years to work on Sansar and had the back ground knowledge from Second Life. They weren’t starting from scratch. At one point Ebbe even said one atvantage had was they the knowledge of how to set up virtual currency and other companies did not.

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  1. While eye candy is nice too many other basic problems arise that should have been taken care of in the three years the lab has been working on Sansar.

    You can move your pov by holding down a mouse button while holding CTL. I ALT clicked often and was surprised things didn’t change. It took a lot of face palms and duhssss to realize that doesn’t work.


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