Willow Samsar Sept 2017 v4There have been some changes in Sansar after six weeks. Now you can add more and even buy attachments and even some clothing. But there is still very little to do except look around unless you are what LL calls an experience creator and have some expertise in external software.

There is more to do in VR mode (I can do both desktop and VR modes.) but it’s still not much unless you enjoy throwing things or re-stacking blocks. It seems like my approximately month between Sansar visits is more than adequate. While there are some changes there aren’t that many.

Things are looking up for dancing since they say you can now stream music into Sansar. It will be a while before the first DJ’s because the only “dancing” is waving your arms around in VR.

I’ve heard talk that something that is done in another virtual world is you can attach sensors to your legs and your avatar can follow your dance moves. Frankly LL I think this is a bad idea for Sansar. Besides I gotten good at office chair dancing.


When Sansar first opened its beta product to any users, I said it seemed more like an alpha product. If I mentioned the basic thing missing like the ability to sit or the lack of in world building tools. Most of the responses had, “It’s early days yet.”

It was early days a year ago! NOT after three years of development from a company that claimed an advantage it had was its experience with virtual worlds. Let see the virtual world of Second Life has been open fourteen years. Did LL just ignore all that experience.

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    1. LOL, Foneco, I’ll probably give myself more than a year before I’ll ever enter the Sansar “not a world but single experiences”. At least as long as it takes them LL slowpokes to make it available for Linux users. And I can even say that I’m looking forward to that day.


      1. The strange thing is that you may be able to create an experience even in Linux. You just can’t do anything with it. lol

        Early beta testers get 3 FREE experiences. I’m not sure how long that will last. Think of it as having your own free sim. You do it from the Atlas which is a web address so Linux may work. Since it costs you nothing but about ten minutes why not try.

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  1. It might make sense for you to make a quick trip back in sooner if you haven’t created an experience. Early beta testers get 3 FREE experiences. I’m not sure how long that will last. Think of it as having your own free sim. Since it costs you nothing but about ten minutes why not do it.

    I created one for myself that is really nothing more than a personal sandbox. Another advantage is since there is nothing there it will be a fast loading starting point that you get to with a web address. I didn’t even publish it to the Atlas.

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    1. Thing is, you can’t log in Sansar on Linux, my willowy friend. That’s what I heard and Ebbe even said something about the too small demography of Linux users to make a viewer for them. Oh, that fukker! In SL alone there must be thousands. I bet we have much more ppl using Linux than octopussies. Actually one can get the impression that SL is one of Linuxes strongholds because of its nerdism. I Of course Ebbe wouldn’t know anything about that as his knowledge of the original virtual world is rather limited. :/


      1. I know you can’t USE Sansar. Don’t worry there is not that much to do anyway. But to create and experience or an account you do that from a web site URL and I’m not sure it checks to see what operating system you’re using.

        At one time it didn’t anyway. I heard about a mac user who was able to create an account and it didn’t bomb out until he/she tried to download the software. LL may have put a operating system check in now I’m not sure.

        Since early beta testers get to create three free experiences I thought it would be worth 10 minutes of your time to try.

        Stepping up on my soap box. One reason I’ve heard for not porting to Sansar to Linux is that the Oculus Head Mounted VR display does not run on Linux so you lose the immersion feeling you get from wearing a VR HMD. IMO since I’ve tried both the immersive feeling you get from and HMD is non existent. I think immersion is more of a mental process of the user. I feel much more part of what is happening when I’m dancing or sailing my boat in plain old 2D SL on a computer screen.

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      2. Not to fear, Willow, for I’ve created my Sansar acc already. Guess I’ve even forgot my password by now. But the good name Orca Flotta is reserved for me. Believe it or not, despite the Lab’s best attempts to piss me off and drive me into insanity, my account’s still in good standing with them. It needs more than just to cut my wings, to make me stop my payments.

        And yes, I fully agree, an immersive effect happens in the user’s brain, and nobody but some technocrat capitalist pigs will need any help to reach that state of mind. Guess why some of us were even fully immersed in 2007. We still had candy cotton clouds, no windlight, skins looked like totally plain, no flexiprims, no sculpties, no mesh … and we were fully immersed, some of us. 😉 Only difference between then and now is that we had more fun, deeper, more meaningful relationships and discussions, a stronger feeling of community and basically no Trump supporting troglodytes. 🙂

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  2. I’m glad you reserved your name. I think a lot of SL people did that during the first week of August. People don’t know to move off the landing point in Sansar either. People were stacked three or four high at 114 Harvest. But last week when I checked out Sansar again I saw three people.

    I was immersed by late 2005. I joined SL in July and it took me a few months to shift mentally to immersion in SL. As you say, “we had more fun, deeper, more meaningful relationships and discussions, a stronger feeling of community.”

    Your comment made me think of this. Back then LL would shut the whole grid down for several hours and do weekly updates and you had to download a new viewer every week. One-week LL put their hand logo on the moon. That was one of the few times most of the SL community rose together with TACKY, TACKY, TACKY. If it wasn’t gone the next week it was gone in a couple of weeks.

    We did have the equivalent of Trump supporting troglodytes. It was sex starved teen aged boys using mama’s credit card. It was so bad that I’d head the other way if I saw a male avatar. That is part of the reason it took me nine years to find my SL husband.


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