Amazon Sumerian the 800-pound gorilla on virtual world block



Watch out Sansar and High Fidelity there’s a new entry on the virtual world (experience) stage. This set of experiences is produced by so there a LOTS of resources and money behind it. Immediately it has become the 800-pound gorilla on the block.

I just created an account a few hours ago so I’m still exploring but as well as Oculus and Vive VR gear apparently it will already support Linux and IOS mobile devices with Android coming soon. It seems to be more aimed at the type of users Sansar will attract. I’m not sure if it will be a success but the avatars don’t look so cartoonish as some of the other chat VR worlds are.

Amazon Sumerian

4 thoughts on “Amazon Sumerian the 800-pound gorilla on virtual world block

    1. I had some very serious doubts about the success of Sansar before Sumerian came along especially how it did not leverage the existing SL users base. Now I’m even more doubtful that Sansar will ever get anywhere close to even the number of users SL has.

      Sumerian is aimed directly at a possible business user and will make use of the data processing hardware exerpertice and facilities Amazon already has. It is much more primitive than Sansar right now but after all this is a preview and not even anything but an early alpha.


  1. I do hope LL will not screw Sl for good with the Cloud move, as far as i know the only VW in the cloud is kitely and it suffers the lack of possibility to cross sim a region to another via vehicle use as each region needs a call to be turned on before one arrives inside. If LL disregards its sailing, flying and all, that dare to access region by other means then teleport it will kill the only advantage it has towards open sim.


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