After I grind the beans for that all important first cup, I go into my home office and begin the Witchcraft routines I begin my morning practice which I do almost day. About three days a month I don’t feel like getting up so I do things on my bedroom with my laptop computer. My home is covered by my personal Wi-Fi network.

Start the word edit program where I keep my notes and Book of Shadows.

Begin a text editing program where I keep things, I will need to use the computer during the day.

Start the virtual world program called Second Life. Since I’ve been using it sixteen years in July 2021 so I’m very familiar with it. I’ve built a sacred space in that world where I cast spell’s and do other Witchcraft related tasks. Here is the altar I use

Load a screen capture program for use when I do my daily protection/today Tarot card reading.

Begin my Witchcraft routines by doing a centering/calming spell. Here is an example of the routine I use

Cast a Sacred circle and hear the charges of the Horned One and the Goddess Freya. (As of July 2021, she is the special Goddess I am currently working with.  Here is an example

East is the element air. Represented by the yellow candle.

South is the element fire. Represented by the red candle.

West is the element water. Represented by the blue candle.

North is the element earth. Represented by the green candle.

The God is represented by the large triple wicked green candle. 

The Goddess is represented by the large triple wicked white candle.

Do a prayer to the God.

Do a prayer to the Goddess.

Do an initial Tarot meditation

Do a daily protection/future Tarot Card Spread. The layout for this is one I’ve designed. I use a program called the Orphalese Tarot. While you can do the standard card layout you can also do a free selection or even design your own custom spread. Here is what I’ve developed for my morning protection daily reading.

The three smaller column of cards is a traditional past, present, future spread but arranged vertically. Note these cards can also have some of the same cards as in the rest of the layout.

Do a pandemic protection personal spell.

Renew spells I am currently working on. This varies by the day.

Do a celebratory routine. Currently I am using this

Thank the God and the Goddess for being with me in these morning rituals.

Generally doing these routines takes an hour and a half each morning. I’ve heard people say you shouldn’t do such a lengthy routine because you will burn out if you try more than a few daily minutes. But it works for me since I am retired and have the time. I’ve also been doing a similar daily morning routine for five years.

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