Blogs and links I like

Bernie SandersBernie Sanders Do I really need to explain who the hope of the Democratic Party is. Donate if you can. I do ever month.

Tim Canova Tim Canova The primary opponet of the chair of the DNC chair (Debbie Wasserman Schultz) She along with Hillary Clinton is destroying the Democratic Party in the US.Donate if you can. If I have something I can donate after I give to Bernie it goes to Tim.

Inara Pey Living in the Modem World -Thoughts on Virtual Living  This is my favorite blog. Something it includes that I really like is Space Sundays. (I’m not just interested in virtual worlds.) I dreamed of being an astronaut and there was a good chance until I got sick. Even after all this time I still try to keep up with space exploration.

I listen to this podcast every Friday night. hosted by machinima journalist draxtor despres and historian/land baroness  jo Yardley. It is an easy to listen to and professionally done pod cast. Also go to draxtor’s YouTube channel. He is very good at machinma. You are sure to pickup some great ideas. Web Site Link.

Mesh WillowMy Flickr site. While the blog you are on is for displaying my most recent landscape photography the best to see an archive of my work is on my Flic


Windlight Magazine The arts in Second Life. One of the popular activities in SL is to use this world to develop your creativity.  This is a good soruce to find out what is going on in the arts of SL. Second Life Blog about online psychology and virtual ethnography

Virtual World BlogBlog Kitely virtual world news


Along the Side Of the Road-This is a random musing blog not a virtual world  one. Sometimes you need a break from virtual worlds and this is where I go when I need one. Give it a try I think you’ll find it refreshing.

Hundred and Counting Again this is not a virtual world blog. Generally I don’t agree with the author but the discussions are interesting.

Honesty Matters I find this site very interesting especially since it it from and Irish point of view. While Ireland is a majority Catholic country and I am from the southern United States which is religiously a type of Protestant I find many similarities in the way the church tries to dominate politics.

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