My buddy Boogie and I started sharing out lives in 2010. A friend of mine’s uncle had died and left Bugger homeless. They were writing up an ad to put in the paper to try to find him a home when I visited. I fell in love with him at first sight.

 Since I was going out of town I told them if they would keep him for two weeks I’d take him home with me. After a trip to the vet, a microchip, and a name change to Boogie we quickly became buddies. That was seven years ago.

 As far as we can tell Boogie was ten when he came to live with me and he’s 17 now and almost blind. He’s always in the house or on a leash so the loss of vision doesn’t bother him.

Alert Boogie#2

I do spoil him. I know I shouldn’t give him people food. But could you resist these pleading eyes.





He likes cheerios for breakfast.


Get that Cherio
Get that Cheerio


Got it
Got it Mommy!