Cambrian Life Explosion

The Cambrian Life Explosion-Another Nail in the Coffin of Intelligent Design

A few days ago I received a reply to a post that said evolution couldn’t explain the Cambrian Life Explosion so intelligent design must be true. I knew evolution could I just didn’t have an answer right at the tips of my typing fingers. Some thought and a little research on the internet and I knew how evolution would do it with no intelligent design needed. So take note old earth creationists.

At the start of the Cambrian 542 million years ago there was a massive increase of the new types of life in just 25+ million years (a blink of the eye in geologic time). An evolutionary explanation is quite simple. No creationism needed.

By analogy it is like the rapid advance of computers in our own time after the development of the transistor. In just a few decades we’ve gone from computers the size of buildings to smart cell phones we carry in our pocket. Similar to life evolution the development of the transistor opened up niches in the computer industry that were filled by new computer developments which opened up more new niches to be filled. For those technically minded that’s a feedback loop.

At the beginning of Cambrian there a small random change that opened up new niches filling those created more. Filling those created more niches. You can say it continues until today.

One point made by the old earth creationist was there weren’t precursor organisms to all these new organisms. There is simple explanation to that. Organisms that preceded the Cambrian Life Explosion were single celled or at most colonies and are squishy and do not leave many fossils particularly after a half billion years.