The US mid-term elections

Trump Bellowing


This is the morning for analysis of yesterday’s mid-term elections in the United States; so here is mine.  First, a bit of my background.


I know some about racism and how prevalent it is in the southern US. While I am Caucasian I have also had to use a wheelchair to get around for almost fifty years so I do know what it is like to be discriminated against. Balance against this I earned a 4 year degree and had a twenty two year professional career.

What qualifies me to analyze political developments? My degree is in Political Science so one of the things I notice is political action. So here is what I believe happened in the 2018 mid-term elections.

As I thought the corporate and controlling wing of the Democratic Party had a blue trickle not a blue wave. What was surprising was their devastation in the US Senate races. I thought they would gain one seat and not be further marginalized.

While I expected the gains by the Democratic Party in the US House of Representatives they were minuscule. That many were progressives with a generous sprinkling of women of color gives me hope.

Sadly I expected the electoral defeats of Stacey Abrams in Georgia and Andrew Gillum in Florida.

Election fraud by her opponent may be part of Stacey Abrams’ defeat. With Andrew Gillum’s his campaign after his primary victory was stupid. But the reason beneath both defeats is racism. I have lived in both states and have seen how rampant racism is.

The results of the election are mainly the result of the the usual incompetence of the Democratic Party corporate leadership!

What is to be expected from the election? One thing I knew would happen has already come true. Of course Trump already is saying it is a positive mandate for his actions. It is nothing of the sort.

Of more interest will be watching Nancy Pelosi trying to shoe horn progressive who are not beholding to corporate interests into what is her version of the Democratic Party of money money money. While also watching Chuck Schumer trying to make excuses for his lack of leadership.

Why I’m supporting Alison Hartson for US Senate even though I live 2,000 miles away.


Hartson sign moded lowrez

Alison Hartson inspires me the way President John F. Kennedy did. ( )

More details later in this post.

KENNEDY lowrezWhen I first became aware of politics John F. Kennedy was running for president of the United States. While I didn’t always agree with all politicians you could respect them and they had integrity. In the era of Trump this respect and integrity is largely gone. After examining Alison’s legislative positions on issues and seeing her story I do feel that respect again. I even feel inspired by Alison Hartson.


Saddest of all is now it is clear that the corporate Democrats have betrayed the values of the progressive Democratic Party and joined the Republican Party in selling their votes to the highest bribing corporate donor. Of course, I feel deceived. You don’t vote for and support one party for forty-seven years and then have them ignore their own values in the name of greed and not feel the treachery of the corporate Democrats. I remember the words of President Harry Truman, “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.” It seems corporate Democrats have forgotten that and are only concerned taking bribes and selling their votes to their corporate donors while increasing their net worth.

D Skash lowrezWith few exceptions like Alison Hartson and the Justice Democrats I say the Democratic party has left me. Now when I go in the voting booth if I see a D after a candidate’s name I probably won’t vote for them just like I haven’t been likely to vote for someone with an R after their name for years.

Internet Map lowrezLike all other aspects of life in the United States something that has really changed things is the internet. ( BTW corporate Democrats I’d worry I live in one of those dark green states. ) In many ways a Senator from California is really my Senator. I use the internet to find out about, work for, and support a US Senate candidate like Alison Hartson.

Be warned corporate Democrats the internet is a two-edged sword. We can also find out how crooks like Dianne Feinstine are cheating us and betraying our values because they don’t think we can find out. You can use trusted news sources like the Young Turks ( ), Secular Talk with Kyle Kulinski, Tim Black ( ), or my favorite The Humanist Report with Mike Figueredo ( ) Trusted news is not enough so I do my own research while sitting on my couch with my little dog.

Christina Revisited lowrezFood for thought. You don’t live fifty years and have successful career in a wheelchair and not know how get things done. Also, don’t be deceived millennial’s do vote. BTW I’m 70 and I vote, support, and work for inspirational candidates like Alison Hartson.

USA shooting Itself in thw footHelp Alison to keep the corporate Democrats from doing this.