Virtually satisfying your caffeine addiction.

Virtually satisfying your caffeine addiction.

A few months ago I started having painful headaches during the day while I was in SL. I tried many changes in life style but nothing helped until I eliminated caffeine and coffee from my diet. Today to satisfy my coffee cravings I try to start each day by going into SL and sitting in our front yard and having a cup of coffee. It seems to work!

Ars Technica returns to Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Khodovarikha; Inara Pey, October 2017, on Flickr Follow Your Bliss, Second Life

Writing for Ars Technica on Monday, October 23rd, Samuel Axon, the Senior Reviews Editor, tells of his time Returning to Second Life. It’s a lengthy, involved piece, and perhaps one of the most broadly integrated write-ups on Second Life to have appeared in a good while.

Mr. Axon is no stranger to SL, having been dipping in and out over a number of years up until around 2012. As such, he brings to the piece first-hand experience based on more than just random exposure to the platform. In addition, he spoke directly with Peter Grey, the Lab’s Global Director of Communications, and Bjørn Laurin, Vice President of Platform – who has responsibility for both Second Life and Sansar. But that’s not all, he also sought out a number of Second Life creators to gain their insights as well.

The opening paragraphs encapsulate Second Life on…

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Black and white is so easy, a good muslin is a dead one, back with all to their original countries and so on, but real life is not so easy.

ZZ Bottom misadventures in Virtual Worlds!

Yes i did post that on a reply to someone on pluck, I was putting it on the contest of the topic where it should be seen as a attempt to make the logic all those who wish all muslin dead or back to their home countries to realize that Real Life is not a post on a blog.

To imply that i wish all muslin dead or back to their home countries was not my line of thinking but on a post regarding the Paris attack, to make some see extremism from one side to another is not logical nor reasonable.

Sadly i guess the way i expressed myself lead to thinking i was wishing, literally, what i said.

Not being English my natural language i will not use that argument to excuse myself as i don’t feel shame to say this:

The same ones who wish all muslin…

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High Fidelity-it’s worth a try.

hifi-snap-by-Willow_hf-on-2017-10-16_22-47-12 lowrez

I first tried the High Fidelity worlds in late 2014 and really didn’t like it. Using it was way too technical and there really wasn’t any social aspect to it.  On Monday I heard Philip Rosedale’s discussion with Draxtor

( The trick is getting beyond the endlessly repeating introductory music thing don’t really get started until 28 minutes into the video.)

and liked what I heard. About how user driven and inclusive High Fidelity was.

So, I decided to try it again. Yes, it is still too technically involved even for an old geek like me to use it without considering a lot of options and there is not enough of a population to be very social right now. But when I started using High Fidelity I was pleasantly surprised.

No, it’s scenic graphics are not as refined right now as the other VR experience. But it does not have the baggage and dictatorial control of the company behind it either and besides you can sit down with a better looking avatar.

It is open source and not only does it run on Windows but on Mac and Linux (note this Ocraflota) also. Something that I’ve noticed is that there is a concern for use by disabled users and right now and not some vapor ware in the future. It reminds me of the early days of SL when the users had a more important role in the development of that world.

BTW while my avatar pictured above is not up to the mesh avatars standards of SL yet. But I could change from the stick figure default avatar to that one within two hours of first logging on and it was free.

Going to the Max in Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

With thanks to Sophia Harlow

On September 22nd, Maxwell Graf issues a deeply personal, heart-breaking request via Plurk. Related to a personal situation, it included a request for people to buy from his store (in-world or on the Marketplace). The news was broken by Prim Perfect, and quickly circulated by other bloggers (my own report can a little late in the day, so to speak).

For obvious reasons Max didn’t feel comfortable in asking for more than this, despite the severity of his situation, but that hasn’t stopped friends and fellow creators from rallying around; and on Monday, September 25th, Going to the Max, a special shopping event, organised by Charlotte Bartlett, Sophia Harlow and Blazin Arubet, was announced.

Sponsored by Callie Cline, the event will run from Tuesday October 3rd through Tuesday October 10th. Details are still being put together, but the initial announcement for the event, posted to…

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