Couldn’t pull the plug

Not pull the plugA good Second Life (SL) friend of mine for over a decade suddenly disappeared a few weeks ago. She was the next to last person I helped get started in SL in 2005. I ask a mutual friend and she did what I almost did a year ago.

RL was getting busy so I was going to quit SL. After we got rid of all our land we were going to quit SL. So we got rid of our land but then it dawned on us. It was worth $75 a year just to keep our identity, friends, and inventory! We couldn’t pull the plug.

Over the years I’ve made too many good friends and had fun. I’ll probably be in SL till they turn the lights off.

Virtual Flat Tire at the Relay for Life

Sunday I’d planned to go to SL’s Relay for Life’s camps, do a personal pilgrimage, and the closing ceremonies of the Relay. Well I almost made it!

There was a virtual world problem with actually getting to the closing ceremonies. When I tried to get to the actual location I kept crashing. I could get close but when I tried to teleport into the actual closing ceremonies sim I would crash. Think of it as if you tried to get to a party in the physical world and your car had a flat tire.

So early Sunday morning I started walking around the RFL walking track and investigating the camps. The camps are an enjoyable tradition of the Relay for Life of Second Life where the teams sponsoring parts of the walking track.

They ranged from the very camp like “Camp Snailo”

Camp SnailoTo “Camps” that were a bit more grand.

Some Are Grand

I actually spent more time at Camp Snailo than any of the others. I enjoyed it and actually got myself a giant racing snail.


I don’t know if I’ll ever race my snail but I think its neat to be a snail.

There were nature like camp sites. Some in a cave and others under the sky.

Elaborate natureOpen nature

A bit of personal preference in choosing this picture, I’m a sucker for unicorns.

Some groups preferred urban setting.

Urban settingWelcome to Media RowThere are lots of camp sites. After a while I got tired and sat and relaxed for a while.

Sometime you just need to sit

There is a lot more to see.

Sailing is very popular in Second Life. The sailors were out working in the fight against cancer.

Sailing Sponsers

I even have a sail boat. Although I prefer my cabin cruiser when I feel like being on the water.

Even Dragons Are Joining the Fight

Even the dragons are joining the fight. It didn’t dawn on me until Monday I should have worn my dragon avatar and greeted my friend here.

After all this walking it time for a BIG breakfast.

How About a BIG Breakast It took me most of the day to just make it one time around the long Relay For Life of Second Life’s track. One thing you hear from many people all day was “Why I walk?”

My answer is very clear and personal. I walk for Mom. Breast cancer took her thirty years ago but even today the pain of I felt still haunts me. I can remember sitting by her hospital bed and praying she would just let go and escape the pain of the cancer that was eating her alive. If I can help spare anyone that feeling I will and the Relay for Life of Second Life is a wonderful way to help.

After completing my  circuit I sat by the Luminaria I got for Mom and remember the good times.






The Marching HAS begun

RFL BannerThings got started at 1 pm Eastern time with the opening ceremonies. As is usual in Second Life there was a dedicated radio station broadcasting into all the areas used in the RFL. There were stories of people dealing with cancer as well as reports of the various teams. The marching hadn’t begun  and will continue into Sunday  yet the Relay for Life of Second Life already has already gathered a quarter of a million US dollars.

Kick Off-2As you see there were quite few people at the opening ceremonies. There will even be events when I am sleeping. This is an international effort to fight cancer. This makes sense since SL residents are from all over the world.

This IS an Internation Fight Against Cancer

Since this is a march it seems appropriate to show a map of the march route.

The courseEach of those green dots is a person. Either a survivor, a care giver, or a person cheering on the marchers.  For technical reasons there are a lot more people doing the march than were at the opening ceremonies. When you try to fit too many people in one small area the computer server for that area slows down and may even crash if it is over loaded.

The first marcher were cancer survivors and care givers. ( I blanked their names out. )


After that the many teams that helped raise he funds marched.

The Dancing CatThis was actually one of the fund raising groups that performed a dance routine for the early marchers. Only in SL are you going to get a cat that is part of a dance troop.

SL' s Relay for Life Also Has Families Supporting the  Cause

Some families even formed fun raising groups.

Cheer the Marchers

There were even some just people cheering the marchers on. Of course there were also those unique Second Life activities.

After a hard day pounding the pavement SL residents do know how to party.

SL People Also Know Party

( I wonder if he/she knows the dancing kitty. )

Remember there are more things going on Sunday and through the night. I’ll cover that after I get some sleep.





















Cooper Creek Wilderness Area

I first heard of this area a week and a half ago. I planned to go take photographs but physical life (PL) keeps getting in the way. Tuesday morning I realized that I had to force myself to do it if I wanted it to happen.

Cooper Creek Wilderness
Cooper Creek Wilderness

This is not a great artistic photograph but it shows clearly one of the reason’s I’ve lived in Second Life for a decade. The residents care about those that are less fortunate. This weekend July 18 and 19 will be the tenth Relay for Life in Second Life. So far over 2 million US dollars has been raised. Let me repeat that is over TWO MILLION US DOLLARS that is not virtual in world currency it is real physical world cash.

Back to the more artistic images of the Cooper Creek Wilderness are of SL.

Cooper Creek Wilderness
Cooper Creek Wilderness
Cooper Creek Wilderness
Cooper Creek Wilderness
Cooper Creek Wilderness
Cooper Creek Wilderness
Cooper Creek Wilderness
Cooper Creek Wilderness

As you can see this is a beautiful area. Cooper Creek Wilderness