My fox family neighbors update

At the end of April, I got some new furry neighbors.

Mommy First

The mommy along with


Baby Oneher three babies.

When I tried to move closer to the windows to take better pictures mommy fox would see me and run off. They stayed around for about a week then moved deeper into the woods. I never saw where they had moved but they didn’t come around.

Then the first weekend of June they showed up again! All three of the babies survived. The babies sure have grown and they are starting to have the coloring of an adult fox.

They have sure grown lowrez

Because of problems with the foundation of my house I had to build a wall about 3 feet out from the east wall and fill it in with packed earth. The top of that wall makes a good place to bask in the early morning sun.

This baby is about eigh feet away

The return of my fox family neighbors. They are abought eight feet away.

The babies seem to tolerate me moving around inside the house more than the mother does.