My new neighbors.

Mommy FirstI have a young fox family living under my back deck. As you can see I can’t even get close to the window. If I even move around to get a better angle Mommy spots me and runs off. I don’t want to scare her because she might move the babies and I enjoy watching them. I’ve only seen foxes on television and I’m surprised how big she is. She is twice as big as I thought foxes were.

Baby OneHere is one of the babies. There are three. I apologize for the quality of the picture. I had to make it through a window with a screen.

Moma and Baby OneSo you can see how small the babies are here is one with Mommy.

One thing I love about living where I do is the chance to see wild animals close up like this. I get to see deer every day. The deer are so used to people I saw another mamma laying down nursing her new fawn in my back yard.

I haven’t been out on my back deck since the foxes moved in. Luckily, I can walk dog Boogie off the front deck.