Ouch Ouch Ouch-old tower computers are good for something

Somehow, I twisted my knee. How someone who doesn’t walk does that I don’t know. A pain in the butt I understand. The human body did not evolve to sit eighteen hours a day. About once a month I need to spend a couple of days in bed with my weight off it. But a twisted knee????

Ouch lowrezLuckily, I just moved an old tower computer where it makes a perfect foot rest. The only thing that eases the pain is to keep my foot elevated.

I’ve learned that I need to be able to access a computer. No computer means withdrawal symptoms for me. I get very irritable, more shaky than usual, and can’t sleep. It’s like I’m coming off some drug.

Looks like lots of playing with that Head Mounted Display (HMD) I got Tuesday. There is a Golf game that looks very interesting. I’ll post about it in a few days.



Golf in Second Life

Dear Blogging 101 friends and viewers of this web blog,

Finding the jewel of the Emerald Crystal Golf Course in SL




I enjoyed playing golf in the physical world. So I tried dozens of simulator hoping to recapture that feeling. What I enjoyed was walking the course and just enjoying the experience of being in nature. All the stand alone golf simulators concentrated on using a complicated swing HUD and ignored just enjoying being on the course to relax.

When Second Life came along I thought here is a place where you can enjoy just being on the course again. Sure enough in 2006 someone came up with a golf simulation in Second Life where I could enjoy being on the course again. Unfortunately the owners used a very complex swing HUD like the ones in the stand alone simulations. Sadly when you added in SL’s lag the swing became even more complex and unpredictable. You learned not to swing if there was a sail boat in the area.

Now some nine years later I found a golf course in SL where you can play a round and enjoy the scenery the owner LittleSusan Teardrop has created. Its Emerald Crystal Golf Course at


What are these?


They are links to places in the Second Life virtual world. If you are a Second Life user and your viewer is running a link to the location will appear in your viewer. It is a good way for existing Second Life users to find a place mentioned on a web site. For example when I take a picture in SL I try to include one of this links so other users can go to the location.

Love and Hugs, Willow