No Irma YET but she’s on her way ☹

No Irma ye lowreztThis the calm before the storm. They are predicting either Monday night or Tuesday morning Irma will get here. But only as a Category 1 storm here. Definably power outage and fallen down trees.

I’ve gotten lots of new batteries. I even paid my rent in the virtual world of Second Life ahead of time. Tomorrow I’ll move some food from the refrigerator to an ice chest. Then its fingers and toes crossed.









Willow gets ready for Irma in Second Life

Getting Ready for Irma in SL

I live far enough inland that when it gets here Irma just supposed to be a category 1 hurricane. Which will hopefully just mean just knocked down trees and power lines. I usually pay my rent on Monday but that will be just when Irma is supposed to hit here. So, I realized Saturday morning I better go ahead a pay it.

I hope I won’t be out of this virtual world long. I may even try to get on with my laptop just to say hello. I’m keeping my phone, laptop, and iPad all charged up.