Initial experience with the Oculus Rift

In HMD! lowrez

Tuesday my Oculus Rift arrived. I bought it after I looked at all the experiences it could do on the Oculus web site.

These experiences will let you do many interesting things what I’m particularly interested in:

  • Nature experiences from BBC Earth like Bear Island
    bear island
  • A recreation of the Apollo 11 moon landing.
    Flight to the Moon lowrez
    Man on the moon
  • A projected trip Mars with Buzz Aldrin (The second man to walk on the moon.)
  • An interactive 3D exploration of the Grand Canyon.’
    Grand Canyon
  • A 3D interactive golf game.
  • There are several free 3D games which are good for learning the new hardware.
  • There are almost a hundred more.

No, I didn’t get the head set to run Sansar but I will probably try it. It surprised me that Sansar wasn’t one of the experiences listed. Alt Space VR was there and even Facebook’s beta VR application.

Facebook VR


The first application I bought was VR Tools.

VR Tool BoxIt is a 3D application that lets you run the Windows operating system in a VR office. It even has a virtual keyboard that lets you enter things. Virtual keyboards are slow so if have a lot of entry it’s probably better to get out of VR to do it. An application I  always run is a view from my webcam. It helps to be able to see what is going on around you. Since the Head Mounted Display bock your vision.





VRGolflowrezThe golf game might seem a bit out of place for me as an interested choice. When I was twenty I was good and shot consistently in the low to mid-eighties. I still love the game. I probably have most golf computer simulations. Maybe this is the one!




  • If you also wear glasses to see long distances use them with Oculus head set. If you are lucky and have them wear single vision and not bifocals.
  • Clean your glasses before putting on the head set. You will see every speck.
  • I keep a fan going below me because your glasses will fog up very easily.
  • In HMD2 lowrezHair stays neat-forget it.






  • Don’t try to use the headset for a long time. Take frequent breaks because the Oculus is not very comfortable and the reported nauseous feeling is true.

Golf in Second Life

Dear Blogging 101 friends and viewers of this web blog,

Finding the jewel of the Emerald Crystal Golf Course in SL

I enjoyed playing golf in the physical world. So I tried dozens of simulator hoping to recapture that feeling. What I enjoyed was walking the course and just enjoying the experience of being in nature. All the stand alone golf simulators concentrated on using a complicated swing HUD and ignored just enjoying being on the course to relax.

When Second Life came along I thought here is a place where you can enjoy just being on the course again. Sure enough in 2006 someone came up with a golf simulation in Second Life where I could enjoy being on the course again. Unfortunately the owners used a very complex swing HUD like the ones in the stand alone simulations. Sadly when you added in SL’s lag the swing became even more complex and unpredictable. You learned not to swing if there was a sail boat in the area.

Now some nine years later I found a golf course in SL where you can play a round and enjoy the scenery the owner LittleSusan Teardrop has created. Its Emerald Crystal Golf Course at

What are these?

They are links to places in the Second Life virtual world. If you are a Second Life user and your viewer is running a link to the location will appear in your viewer. It is a good way for existing Second Life users to find a place mentioned on a web site. For example when I take a picture in SL I try to include one of this links so other users can go to the location.

Love and Hugs, Willow