Technical Image Setup

Mesh WillowI want my starting images to be crisp so I download to my computer images that have 11 times higher resolution than the usual Second Life snapshot. This gives me the freedom to produce final images that will both print well and still produce fast loading online images.

A consequence of this high resolution is lots of lag. So I use the Bright Canopy app which allows SL to be run in the cloud with up to date viewer hardware. This has allowed me to get off the SL hardware upgrade treadmill.

Post processing starts in Adobe Lightroom, for those unfamiliar with this software it is a professional level photography application which does 95% of what Adobe’s Photoshop package does plus it keeps a data base of your images. In addition it allows internal calls to Photoshop if you need it. I have also set it up to make calls to Perfect Photo Suite and Corel Painter. In connection with this I often use a Wacom pressure sensitive tablet.

For special projects I also use Adobe Premier Pro for videos, Adobe Audition for working with sound files, Composer for modifying MIDI files, Movavi video screen capture, and full access Adobe Creative Cloud. As you can imagine I’m a RL professional photographer.

If you see me in Second Life and I don’t answer don’t be insulted. I fly my view so I might actually be half way across the Sim.

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