Virtual Worlds Links

Full featured virtual worlds.

  • These are worlds where you can create content and generally go where you can explore user created your own content and not just chat or party with other in spaces produced by the world’s owners.

 Second Life.

Is the one of the oldest and most popular virtual world. Lots of people worldwide are here; usually 45 to 55 thousand simultaneous users. Its content is created by the users. Generally Linden Labs the owners provides you with the tools and manages the computer grid it is hosted on. It has a steep learning curve but in my opinion the freedom it provides makes it well worth the effort it takes to learn it. Not open source but you can use the Firestorm viewer with it. This is where I live . My one word description of this world is FREEDOM. Name what you want to do and you can probably do it.


It is very a Second Life like and a friendly place. Its weakness is there are too few people there. You can use the Firestorm viewer. In fact generally you can use the same commands as Second Life. It feels to me like SL did in 2005; it is more technically advanced than SL was back then. But once you get away from the new user areas you don’t see that many people.

Project Sansar.

Is the future version of Second Life by the same company that owns SL. It will use more advanced virtual reality hardware. As of July 2015 I am not sure it is even open for alpha testing. It does have a lot of potential because it is owned by Linden Labs who have all the experience of  SL  to draw on.

High Fidelity.

High Fidelity was created by the person that started Second Life in the early 2000’s. This is a good bet for a future virtual world. Unless you enjoy being part of the bleeding edge of technology give it a miss for now. It does require its own dedicated viewer.


This is one of the open virtual worlds. It has some nice features like Kitely Market which will allow sales of virtual items to other open source worlds. You can access using the Firestorm viewer.

Virtual Worlds

There are more of these but some may just exist for a few months or a couple of years. Then just sort of disappear.


A viewer is the software that lets your computer see and interact with the virtual world. Most of these worlds have a viewer of their own but some can use a more general viewer. I prefer using the Firestorm viewer { } if I can rather than having a bunch of individual viewer for each world. Why clutter up your computer’s hard disk if you don’t need to. Besides I already know how to use the Firestorm viewer { }.

Chat worlds.

The are general limited to chatting or doing limited things with other avatars. Some intended for certain age groups like teens or consenting adults. Generally the amount of freedom you have to modify your avatar or create things is very limited to what the owners of the world will let you do. You can use you existing web browser with some of them.

These sites really change fast! Some are here one day and gone the next. Others may add feature and become more like the more full featured worlds.



Squish Land “For kids and kids at heart”

Small Worlds


What are these odd looking links?

They are links to places in the Second Life virtual world. If you are a Second Life user and your viewer is running a link to the location will appear in your viewer. It is a good way for existing Second Life users to find a place mentioned on a web site. For example when I take a picture in SL I try to include one of this links so other users can go to the location.



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