Why I’m supporting Alison Hartson for US Senate even though I live 2,000 miles away.


Hartson sign moded lowrez

Alison Hartson inspires me the way President John F. Kennedy did. ( https://www.alisonhartson.com/ )

More details later in this post.

KENNEDY lowrezWhen I first became aware of politics John F. Kennedy was running for president of the United States. While I didn’t always agree with all politicians you could respect them and they had integrity. In the era of Trump this respect and integrity is largely gone. After examining Alison’s legislative positions on issues and seeing her story I do feel that respect again. I even feel inspired by Alison Hartson.


Saddest of all is now it is clear that the corporate Democrats have betrayed the values of the progressive Democratic Party and joined the Republican Party in selling their votes to the highest bribing corporate donor. Of course, I feel deceived. You don’t vote for and support one party for forty-seven years and then have them ignore their own values in the name of greed and not feel the treachery of the corporate Democrats. I remember the words of President Harry Truman, “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.” It seems corporate Democrats have forgotten that and are only concerned taking bribes and selling their votes to their corporate donors while increasing their net worth.

D Skash lowrezWith few exceptions like Alison Hartson and the Justice Democrats I say the Democratic party has left me. Now when I go in the voting booth if I see a D after a candidate’s name I probably won’t vote for them just like I haven’t been likely to vote for someone with an R after their name for years.

Internet Map lowrezLike all other aspects of life in the United States something that has really changed things is the internet. ( BTW corporate Democrats I’d worry I live in one of those dark green states. ) In many ways a Senator from California is really my Senator. I use the internet to find out about, work for, and support a US Senate candidate like Alison Hartson.

Be warned corporate Democrats the internet is a two-edged sword. We can also find out how crooks like Dianne Feinstine are cheating us and betraying our values because they don’t think we can find out. You can use trusted news sources like the Young Turks ( https://tytnetwork.com/ ), Secular Talk with Kyle Kulinski, Tim Black ( http://timblacktv.com/ ), or my favorite The Humanist Report with Mike Figueredo ( http://www.humanistreport.com/ ) Trusted news is not enough so I do my own research while sitting on my couch with my little dog.

Christina Revisited lowrezFood for thought. You don’t live fifty years and have successful career in a wheelchair and not know how get things done. Also, don’t be deceived millennial’s do vote. BTW I’m 70 and I vote, support, and work for inspirational candidates like Alison Hartson.

USA shooting Itself in thw footHelp Alison to keep the corporate Democrats from doing this.

Oppps-A Christian Arizona Legislator shoots himself in the foot

shoot-yourself-in-the-foot1Some Christian legislators keep trying to get God in schools even though the Constitution insists on separation of church and state. The latest attempts I’ve seen is attempting to get the motto of US adopted in the 1950’s of “in God we trust” displayed in schools.

One of the articles of faith adopted by the Cristian evangelical’s is that the US was founded to be a Christian country. Arizona bill SB 1289 it states

“A teacher or administrator in any school in this state may read or post in any school building copies or excerpts of the following materials:” Specifically including: “Writings, speeches, documents and proclamations of the founding fathers and the presidents of the United States.”

John Adams second president of the United States and one of the founding fathers said, “… the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion…”  Inconveniently that is from The Treaty of Tripoli read to and unanimously ratified by the US senate and signed into law on June 7, 1797. I think you might find a few of the founding fathers in the US senate at that time also. So OPPPPS

Whewwww Boogie does NOT have cancer

Listless Boogie lowrezHe isn’t out of the woods yet. His liver is still very inflamed. He will only eat little pieces of streak I cook for him and feed him by hand one piece at a time. He stays in his bed in the Florida room at my feet all the time. He is still very unsteady on his feet. When I take him out the front I have to keep him on a short leash or he will walk off the porch.

Cross your fingers – Cheese-it Crackers, and Parmesan-Crusted Steak with Pink Lemon, Roasted Potatoes and Broccoli Day 2

Boogie 1 lowrez
Happier Days

These pictures of my Buddy Boogie may seem like a strange way to start a cooking post but it has a surprising and nice purpose.

I have been working on my new kitchen for the last month. So yesterday when it was finished should have been a joyous day in my life. But last weekend things took a very troubling and unexpected turn.

Listless Boogie lowrez
Listless Boogie

My pal Boogie lost a LOT of weight and got very listless. I took him to Animal Medical and Surgical Center Monday and the prognosis was not good. They did an ultra sound, a biopsy, and other tests of Boogie’s bad liver. It was either cirrhosis or cancer of the liver.

I finally got to bring Boogie home Friday about noon with a lot of medicine and special dog food. What the vet told me to watch out for was whether Boogie would eat or not. This is where Cheese-it crackers and Parmesan-Crusted Steak with Pink Lemon, Roasted Potatoes and Broccoli Day 2 come in.

I was very upset so to take my mind off the sickness of my best friend I decided to cook a Blue Apron meal. It almost worked for me but then Boogie would not eat that evening. I eventually went to bed but not to sleep.

Saturday he still wouldn’t eat and I couldn’t even give him his medicine. He just turned up his nose at the vet supplied dog food. I even tried warming some of the liver food up in the microwave to a little over room temperature. (You want to smell something that stinks. Try that!) Out of desperation I tried some Cheese-it Crackers. Boogie has always liked them. Surprise, surprise he would eat them as long as I gave them to him one at a time and not too many at once. I could even give him his liquid medicines by putting some of the medicine on the crackers and letting it soak in.

Parmesan-Crusted Steak with Pink Lemon, Roasted Potatoes and Broccoli 1 (1) lowrezThat still left his pills. I warmed up some of the left-over Parmesan-Crusted Steak with Pink Lemon, Roasted Potatoes and Broccoli I had fixed the day before for my lunch. That gave me an idea! It turns out making a little ball from peanut butter along with the pill and a small piece of steak works great for giving solid medicine to a fur baby. They don’t notice the pill if there is a small piece of steak in the peanut butter.

Cooking again at last

For the last two weeks I haven’t been able to cook because I was remodeling my kitchen to better fit me. (Putting per-prepared food in the microwave is not cooking. I’m also using the word food very loosely.) The kitchen won’t be complete done until tomorrow or Monday. Only cosmetic things need to be done to the hood over the cooktop and the rack I’m having put in to store my pots and pans remains to be done. So, I actually cooked today. Here is a starting tour of my new kitchen.

This is the prep area.

New Prep Area lowrez

The counter tops are granite and only 25 ¼ inches high with space under them so I can get my wheelchair under them. (BTW the flag in the picture is my father’s who served in World War Two.)

I chose the low work surface height for two reasons. One so I can get as much leverage as possible. I don’t have a lot of upper body strength and it helps to bear down when trying to chop vegetables.

The second is for safety while actually cooking. A couple of months ago I was sautéing some chicken and the grease popped onto my face. The burns took three weeks to heal but I learned my lesson. Keep the cooktop as far away from my face as possible and be careful. So, I lowered the counter tops as much as I could.

Power Power Power

A modern kitchen really needs many power outlets. I was going to put power strips in several places around the counters. They would use a lot of space, didn’t look particularly good, and would have been in the way. My contractor found these popup power strips. If you’ve never seen them before I recommend them.

Power Strip Down lowrezPower Strip Up lowrez









Simply press on the silver button it pops up then just pull the power strip out of the counter top. Plug your mixer, juicer, or other electrical appliance in. Then when you are finished unplug it and the power strip disappears back into the counter. As a bonus it also includes two USB ports so you can plug your phone in. I’ve found this very useful since I like to listen to podcasts while copping vegetables and I still come away with a fully charged phone.

My new kitchen lightening

Since I’ve found I enjoy cooking so much I’m modifying my kitchen to make it both more convenient and safer. The contractor got started on my kitchen mods Tuesday. So far only the lighting has been changed. But even that is amazing.
Kitchen Lights Before lowrez

These two pictures show the change. I hadn’t realized how much this would change my kitchen lighting until I saw this before and after. I can now actually read the recipe when I cook from one.

Kitchen Lights After.

There are going to be more changes but I was so excited about this one I just had to post about the lighting change.